• protects the soil from erosion
  • reduces compaction from the impact of heavy rains
  • conserves moisture, reducing the need for frequent waterings
  • maintains a more even soil temperature
  • prevents weed growth
  • provides a "finished" look to the garden
Composted Pine - 1" to fines in size (approx 1,300 lbs per c.y.)
Commercial Mix - Top Soil, Sand, Organic Compost (Approx. 2,100 lbs per c.y.)
Hardwood Pine Mix Mulch - Uniformly mixed fresh ground Pine Mulch and Fine Hardwood Mulch
Mulch_FineHardwood.jpg (50445 bytes) Fine Hardwood Mulch - Reddish brown in color.  Excellent for use in sloped areas.  A fiberous material.  Does an excellent job in suppressing weeds. (Approx 900 lbs per c.y.)
Manure Compost - Cotton seed hulls, peat moss, rice bran, lime, cotton seed meal, chicken manure (Approx. 1,250 lbs per c.y.)
mulch_PineBark.jpg (57825 bytes) Pine Mulch - Fresh ground Pine Bark.  Reddish brown, 1" minus in size.  (Approx. 600 lbs per c.y.)
Quality Mix - Rice Hulls Compost, Composted Pine Mulch, Sand, Manure Compost.  (Approx. 1,700 lbs per c.y.)
mulch_RiceHullsCmpst.jpg (79987 bytes) Rice Hull Compost - Decomposed naturally. No Chemicals, Used in mixes soils.  (Approx. 600 lbs per c.y.)