Blue River Tumble - Tumbled bricklike stone beige to gray.

Brown River Tumble - Tumbled tans peach, dusty browns, semi patio stone shape.

Cobblestone - Square shaped stone varied in color great for walkways, BBQ, fireplaces, etc.
Copper Mountain Veneer - Light brown to light to silver shades.
Dark Cedar - Light tan to dark brown shades on stone.
Granite Boulders - Very dense several type of pink and black speckled.  Bull mountain - peach - orange.  Texas blue-bluish, black & white.
Green Canyon - Light green to dark gray shades on boulders.
Jade Pebbles - Light green smooth surfaces about 1" in size.
Lace Rock Lace Rock - Array of shapes lacy in appearance.
Lava Rock - Red to black sharp edge porous stone.
Marble Boulders - Bright white boulders.
Moon Gravel - Tiny gravel great for fish tanks, (2) types: white & cream or shades of black.
Moon Rock Pebbles - Black smooth larger more irregular shaped moon rock.
Mountain Onyx - Burgundy peach white cream color, dense boulder.

Navajo Black Tumble - Black patio shaped tumble stone.

Pennsylvania Tumble - Patio shaped tumble stone, color ranges from lilac, blue or green.
rock-petriwood.jpg (170972 bytes) Petrified Wood - Once wood turned to rock, a lot of character in all pieces.
Pumice - Gray with some lavender shades, irregular shapes, very porous. Also easily bored out, makes great planters, ash from volcanoes that solidified. Sharp to the touch.
Rainbow Boulders - Multi-color with white, pink, yellow and purple streaks.
Sienna Stone - Dark tan to a rust like shade on the boulder.
Silver Mist Pebbles - Gray flat smooth stone with white spots.
Stone Benches - Three piece bench set: Arizona Rose, Hackett, Pennsylvania Green, Blue gray Hackett, Hacket Rust, Pennsylvania Blue and Lilac.
Tuffa Stone - Rust creamy orange: ruffled and ridge stone.

rock-zebra-large.jpg (267329 bytes)

Zebra Stone - Marble like and white striped stone.